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    Has anyone had any luck getter Chatter's SMS trigger feature to work with an IMAP account on a 755p? My push was working great until this week when it starting making too many data connections and the battery drain has suddenly gotten out of hand. The frequent data connections (every 2 or 3 minutes) stop when I make Chatter go offline. None of my preferences have changed and my email volume hasn't grown, so I'm not sure of the problem. I'd like to give the SMS trigger a try, but I'm not sure how to set it up with
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    Were you in a weak signal area? I am not aware of SMS notification with - I found nothing on the site. You can though do user specified interval checking.
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    I don't think I was having signal problems, I was in all my usual places. But I will try to pay attention to that. I do have my preferences set to require a good signal for data connection. What makes this really frustrating is that a lot of incoming calls are going to voicemail because the data connection is happening so frequently.

    I wasn't able to find anything on the website either. The SMS trigger seems much closer to push than the interval checking. Thanks.
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    To set up the trigger in Chatter, you will need an email provider that will text you a SMS message when a new email arrives. I am not sure if Everyone does this or not.

    Assuming it does, there is a 'SMS' setting in the respective Chatter Mailbox settings where you can take a consistent alpha string from the SMS notification from and plug it into the 'SMS' setting in Chatter.

    That should be enough to trigger Chatter to synch. Good Luck...

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