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    So I am a huge Slingbox (with Slingplayer for Palm) advocate and was looking for a way to use it with my bluetooth headest. Face it, Slingbox is VERY cool, but if you are at a store, other public place or ahem work and want to listen to Slingbox it was impossible with a bluetooth headest, and carrying a lot of accessories like a wired headset is not always a practical option. I emailed Slingbox and the response was "Slingplayer is a processor intensive application and using it with bluetooth would cause further strain on the CPU. But it's a good idea, we'll look into it." So far I have seen no updates pertaining to this combo.

    By the way, I have a Sprint Treo 700p and a Jabra 8040 which as well as having the headset profile also uses the A2DP profile so I can listen to music from Pocket Tunes as well as use the headset for the phone and to top it off it sounds great (I went through 11 headsets). Very Cool. So obviously I wanted to continue the multi-use of the headset and use it with Slingbox. Wah-wah-waaaaahhh...stutering playback and choppy picture. So at the store I hold the Treo's speakerphone up to my ear to listen to the game, while the person next to me gets to SEE the game, not an ideal situation.

    Then came the information about Lightspeed 3.1 (Thanks Treocentral) and I downloaded the trial version and VOILA!...a few tweeks later I was watching video streaming from Singbox and listening to it on my jabra headset!!! A call came in and it switched to the phone app no problem so missing calls will not be an issue. So far no crashes, granted this is just initial testing but so far it's one solution.

    The application combination is Palm Slingplayer, AudioGateway 1.20 (1.21 froze my Treo 700p), Lightspeed 3.1 (currently I'm using the trial but will update soon). I Set Lightspeed to overclock Slingbox (Bus:208 and CPU: 520) and AudioGateway (Bus:208 and CPU: 416). In Slingplayer preferences I set the sound quality to Mono LOW (Mono High worked too). I am not familiar with all the settings in Lightspeed just yet. are the gotcha's:

    1) It is a delicate balance between 3 applications! (Slingplayer, AudioGateway and LightSpeed)
    2) There is a little delay between video and sound , I haven't tried ALL combinations of preferences in all three applications to try to minimize this. Sporting events are not a problem, but close up shots like in News and movies etc you might see a delay in the sound and those speaking on the screen. It is only a few frames so not unusable and given the options (none that I know of!) it's not too bad.
    3) I am sure this going to be a battery hog, but I JUST got this working so only time will tell.

    If anyone else gets this working or has another Slingplayer/Bluetooth solution feel free to post tips, preference settings, tweaks etc.

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    I can overclock my 700p to 225x2.5=552 with no probs. try that setting and see if it helps.

    I dont use slingplayer but I do use kinoma/lightspeed/SAG with my BT8010 and there is a slight lag on the video end.

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