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    Just bought 2 650 verizon palms off ebay. Hoping all works well. Any suggstions. One for my one for wife. Will I be able sync are calenders using infared? That's the main purpose for buying them.
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    There are a couple of third party apps that will allow you to sync your calendars. One is called SyncUs, but I can't remember the other name. You can check at as Alli Flowers often pushes the other one (that I can't remember). Other than that, I know of no means of syncing your calendars without asking for other issues.
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    is it possible then to sync the calenders via a usb? We dont use a desktop for our calender and don't really want to now. Hoping that each with a palm we will be able to keep our calenders tied together....any more thoughts.
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    Well where do you each maintain seperate calendars, do you each have your own PC? Do you each use Outlook? Outlook has an option to "Open a Shared Calendar" ; you can then sync to Outlook for your calendar and contacts.
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    we each maintain a hard calendar (pen and paper).

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