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    My phone keeps on reseting whenever I try to hotsync or view my call log. Could anyone help me figure out a way to make my phone hotsync so that I could backup all of my numbers and info and help me with my call log problems?
    With the hotsync, I have tried to sync with the cord and bluetooth and with both the phone resets.
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    Hope you are not in a reset loop. If you added any applications since your last successful hotsync, then try removing those applications & settings which were changed after teh last good hotsync. good luck.
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    I fixed the phone log problem, but I still cannot sync. Can anyone help me?
    Is there a way to save my stuff to my cf card so that I dont lose my numbers and other info?
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    A device based backup solution may be the answer to one or two of your questions. Free: NVBackup and pay: Resco Backup. If you cannot sync, check the cable (clean and fits good), the USB connection on the computer (clean) and then look at the port selection in the hot sunk manager.
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    the connection is good. I just dl'd resco trial. what is the best way to upload the info to my cpu?

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