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    I have had my treo for 2 months now and everything has worked great. I have T-mobile web, and I am able to surf the web and check my emails. I set up my 2 email accounts, one for work (which uses the bellsouth server) and one for personal (gmail).

    All of the sudden this week, the gmail quit working. It will say it is looking for messages, finding messages to download, and downloading messages like normal. I don't get any error messages or timeouts. However, when it is donw "downloading" the messages, there are no messages.

    I haven't made any changes to my settings, so I don't know what could be causing the problem other than something on Gmail or Tmobile's side.

    Anyone having trouble with their gmail?
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    I did 2 weeks ago. Somehow imap access got disabled on my gmail account. I switched it back on and it worked. Check your gmail settings.
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    Yeah, I checked there. I am using pop, and pop is enabled.


    I tried to download them again and got one or two downloaded. There are still many, many outstanding. The ones that got downloaded were the oldest of the outstanding. Hmm, interesting.
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    That happens to me from time to time (also have 680 on T-Mobile). I refer to it as Gmail Rot. It happens when there is a lot of e-mail in the Versamail inbox, like 1000 e-mails.

    How I fix it: delete the account from Versamail, go in and change the Gmail POP settings to "all mail from now on," and then re-add the account to Versamail.

    And yes, you will lose all your e-mail from Versamail, but of course it's all still available from Gmail's web-based application. I don't use it for work, so it's not that important for me to have a million old e-mails. If I need something, I just access Gmail through the web browser.

    It's a crappy workaround and maybe someone more techy can dig in to find out why it is happening, but there's a workaround for you at least.
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    Something similar happened to mine, it just all of a sudden switched its setting from pop to imap. Toook me a while to notice though.

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