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  • Outlook

    10 38.46%
  • Palm Desktop

    14 53.85%
  • Other

    2 7.69%
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    I want to know which Software is used more for PC users

    Palm Desktop
    Austin, Texas
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    I don't really use Outlook for my e-mail since I have Hotmail (even though I could sort of), so I don't really have any reason to use it.

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    I use Outlook since it is the standard Calendar App at my job. That way when appointments are made in Outlook they will be in my Visor the next time I synic. Having the same setup at home helps avoid confusion.
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    We use Lotus notes at work, so I use Lotus EasySync conduits to get all the information I need into my Visor.

    I rarely sync at home, but when I do I use Palm Desktop, and it recognizes all of my data.
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    I ended up ditching Outlook once I got my Visor and started using Palm Desktop. I considered this option once I saw the problems of mapping many of Outlook's address fields to the fewer Palm Address Book fields.

    But what really sold me was that Desktop had a much simpler, easier to use interface than Outlook, and that it did everything I wanted in a PIM. Outlook (like many Microsoft products) has gotten worse and worse with each new edition of MS Office.

    I've been using PIMs on Macs and PCs for over 10 years, and I'm perfectly satisfied with Palm Desktop 4.0. And since Palm isn't charging for it, I hope that they won't screw it up with stupid talking paper clips and the like.
    Jeff Meyer

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    I use Outlook 2000 for my email at work, but prefer to use the Palm Desktop 4.01 for my calendar, address book, and notes. It just seems easier and faster than Outlook. I can't count the number of times a week Outlook will lockup or freeze, but I've never had any trouble with the Palm Desktop. Now if Palm would only come up with a good word processor and spreadsheet program....
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