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    Does anyone know how I can get my contacts to auto fill into txt messages. My phone used to do it but now I have to go into the contacts, search the person I want to txt and then select message...

    If I use the drop down arrow next to the to field it will give me my last 10 texted contacts but I want to be able to start typing a name in the blank field next to to and have it auto fill.

    Thank you!
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    Mine does do autofill.
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    At the To: type in the initial of who you want to send a text to and it will bring up the contacts.
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    how many contact do you have? if you have a lot it will take a little patient.
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    If you're coming from a 650 (or other phone that had a similar version of Messaging), to auto fill contacts, you had to go to the Messaging program, then choose the arrow, then Look up Contacts. Well you don't have to do that anymore with the Centro.

    Like FloridaTony said, you now just type directly into the To: area. And it does the contact search right there. It's so much easier now. =)
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    I've tried doing both clicking on To and just typing the first letters of the name. It used to work when I first got the phone now it doesn't. Thanks for the replies.

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