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    I'm looking for a task manager that will sync with my contacts. Does Datebk6 do this? What I'd like to do is be able to create a task and connect it to my contact in the address book so if I look up that contact I can see the tasks associated with it. Any apps that can do that?
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    I'm a version behind. I use Datebk5 and it does have a linking feature which works in the opposite manner. You create an appointment or to do item and you can link it with any contact, appointment, to do, or memo. You will be bring up a contact by tapping on a link icon next to an appointment.

    In addition you can also look up contacts from Datebk5's split screen feature. Once you have opened a contact in Datebk5, you can bring up the record menu and choose "Find Items linking to this." This is essentially what you describe albeit in a somewhat roundabout manner.

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