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    I am reviewing the Centro for my podcast, the T4 Show. I haven't used a Palm OS device in years and find the Centro(Sprint version) to, still, be a very powerful device. Sprint TV, SlingPlayer and Mobile Email work great. ONly one thing baffles me. Every time I sync using Missing Sync, some contacts don't sync to the device. The contacts are always different ones and I cannot figure out a pattern. For example, 2 contacts from "C" and "Z" won't sync one time, then the next sync they will but, say, "H" and "M" won't. Any help would be appreciated since I'll be dedicating today's episode to the Centro and Palm OS. Thanks in advance.
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    Welcome to TC, Mike!
    Must be a MissingSync thing :-| (haven't seen this problem on PalmDesktop/Windows) I almost never hotsync, I prefer backing up to an SD card using something like the free NVBackup and installing files OTA.
    Other than that, try running a program like DBFixIT ( to see if you have a corrupted contacts database.

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