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    I've ordered an extended battery for my Centro off eBay. I don't mind the appearance from pics in other threads. If anyone is using an extended battery, please tell me what case you use for it? I'm presently using the inexpensive slim case from Target described in the cases thread with the stock battery.

    When the extended battery arrives, I'll need a replacement case/holster for use on my belt. I think the gap left behind the speaker will be an advantage for alarms etc. I can get by using an old Treo650 case, but the Centro really is too narrow for it.


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    #2 says they have cases designed to fit their extended battery, but I can't seem to find them.

    I'm going to try cutting up the extra $10 seidio silicone case that I have. I'll just cut out the back for the battery to stick out, and maybe/maybe not attach that piece to it still. Although that would add even more bulk.

    I need to wait for the battery to arrive first before I can attempt it.
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    I use the standard Palm leather horizontal case with my Centro/extended battery. The fit is good, not too tight and not too loose. Ben
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    Thanks Guys!

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