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    What is the deal with Nuance? It is not reliable on my Centro.

    When it works it's GREAT when it goes out.. it is almost impossible to get technical support as this is a 3rd party application.

    I would not suggest this phone to anyone because of the inconsistency.

    I FINALLY got thru to Nuance support and THEY don't even know how to remedy the situation.

    Good Luck to you with your Centro.

    I could go on with my issues with Palm but THIS is most important to me right now.
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    Blame the 3rd party app not the Centro. It's a new 3rd party app to the Centro. The Centro is a GREAT phone. Where people run into problems is with the 3rd party apps they want to blame Palm or The Centro. They need to blame the developer. If a developer wants to put out apps they need to make sure they work as intended on devices. I have a friend who is a developer and he has several Treo/Palm devices he test them on.
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