Introducing CopanMobile for PalmOS version 1.0.3 from Underhill Geomatics Ltd. Underhill Geomatics Ltd.

CopanMobile for Palm OS is a very efficient and easy-to-use geomatics engineering tool for computing and managing plane survey coordinates. It does numerous coordinate geometry (COGO) calculations, processes and adjusts raw field survey data, computes and adjusts map traverse data, performs map checks, calculates curves, areas and perimeters, performs coordinate transformations, imports/exports Ascii files, and has GPS positioning and navigation functions.

It supports quadrant bearings as well as azimuths, and gons (grads) as well as degrees. Its coordinate files may be copied to the Palm's memory card or to a removeable memory card and used directly by the Windows version of Copan.

Designed for land surveyors, geomatics engineers, professionals and students, CopanMobile for Palm OS is available for download, free of charge from [Here].

Note: A valid email address is required for a password and for news of updates. Copan Palm Key Request