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    I just bought a new 755p, and then i bought a 4gb mini sd card for it. I got the card today, inserted it into the slot, and nothing happened. It didn't beep or anything, and when I went to the "Card Info" icon, it says that there is no card inserted. I looked through the entire manual and thoroughly browsed Palm's website, and I can't figure out why it doesn't work!

    Any ideas??

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    Try formatting it on a PC with a card reader.
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    I tried to format the card on my PC and it won't let me. It says that the card is "write protected". I wonder if I bought a bad card? I bought it on Ebay...
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    Write protected - take a look on the card and see if there is a slide on the side and move it the other direction and see what happens. Ben
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    You would think it would be very rare for an SD port to malfunction. Mine also did not work, yet when I put my card into another 755p found at the local phone store, it worked fine. Mini SD port right? Wrong! Turns out one of my programs was completely disabling my port, was incompatible with Palm OS 5. I found an older card library was being installed from an older Palm perhaps. That may have been the culprit. If you find your Mini SD port not working, reset the device to factory default and try again.
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    What brand is it? I have a Kingston Class 6 miniSDHC 4gig card for my 755p and it has a number of issues. It cannot be formatted by the 755p and sometimes disappears from the slot and I have to remove/reinsert the card and/or reset the Treo. I've read on TC & elsewhere of this particular brand of miniSDHC card giving problems, so...

    I previously had a 1gb Sandisk miniSD card that worked flawlessly. I also have some 1 & a 2gb microSD Sandisks that work perfectly with the provided mini adapter. If I was going to keep the 755p longer I'd probably invest in another card but I see both Garnet and miniSD as dying entities so I'll make do "as is" the time being.
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    I've read elsewhere that some 4GB cards don't work. Stick with the older 2GB for compatibility. Just get two of them if you need 4gb.

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