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    Recently, I've been getting text messages from "202" ("202" is the sender of the message). It usually comes in parts and each part comes in a separate text message. Most of the time, they are blank, but sometimes it will have part of the subject of a regular email that came in.

    I have about 1500 messages stored in my text message inbox and 1200 in my sent TM box. All of my regular email gets forwarded to the email address of my phone. That way they come in as a text message so I can read them right away.

    I do have 1.5MB of space left on the phone, and I have dealt with less space than that and did not have this 202 text message problem.

    I thought the 202 issue came up because of how many text messages/emails I have in my inbox, but since I have used the phone with less free space than it has now and had no 202 text message issues, I'm not sure that is the case.

    Plus, would the phone itself change the sender's name to "202"? I would think only the provider could do that via their system. I called T-mobile and they had never heard of the problem. But they never sold the 650 either. They suggested that I do a hard reset. That's not happening.

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    Just my opinion, but that is way too little free memory. Can't you store your text boxes on your card?
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    I don't think you can, but if you can, I'd love to know how.
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    You know, I have been getting that text message from 202 as well. I just delete them. Sometimes there actual text, like a phone number or a portion of a phone number.

    Do you subscribe to GrandCentral?
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    Nope. When some text does appear, it is text that is part of the subject or sender of a regular email message that I just received. And the message from 202 takes place of the normal copy of the email that I should receive on my Treo. Pretty annoying, and it's happening quite frequently.

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