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    I have come across mOcean, which is a nice media player. It uses iPod user interface, and what I like most about it is that it has option to boost volume level for some of the my recordings that was too quiet. The current version I downloaded came with Soma Launcher, which is an ad launcher. The developer states that displaying ad within the program allows him to provide the software for free. SomaLauncher is the program used to download ads. So far, it doesn't seem too intrusive, except when I hotsync, it seems to take a bit long to sync Soma Launcher. Hmm.

    I was wondering if other people had any issue/experience with mOcean and SomaLauncher in the past and whether it effects my system stability/performance. It does seem to eat up a bit of internal memory.
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    More memory is taken due to the advertisement information, but it is not that much. As for stability issues, none I have read about. If you do not like that option, then go with a paid solution, of which there are a number available for you.
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    Soma Launcher is just as you said, an ad launcher. Soma dumps right about 500k worth of files into your RAM. I believe it was 5 files.

    GoTreo news reader (free) also dumped Soma into my RAM. I did not want to see ad banners popping up on the screen. So I deleted GoTreo news reader and the Soma files and purchased Resco Neews. No adware pop ups.

    You can find these Soma files in the RAM with a file manager.

    If it means getting unwanted files or launchers (Soma) I won't use an app that supplies this. Free or not.

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