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    I have searched and cannot find one person that has noticed that the Centro Camera (most likely the LCD screen) is not displaying the color tones properly. I just bought my wife a Centro and noticed that when the camera is aimed at a piece of white paper it has a slight reddish/pink tone to it. I don't think it is the camera, but more the LCD screen. Now the more I look at the screen I can seen the reddish/pink tone. My 755p is pretty good.

    I went back the store where I bought it and compared it to a demo unit which had the same problem. I also thought that the Black Centros (mine is Red) where of a later revision. It also had the same problem and even looked worse.

    I called Sprint and they transfer me to Palm because they didn't have a Centro there to test. Palm tested a Centro for me and verified that there indeed was a problem. After more than a million Centros sold, I can't believe no one has mentioned this. Sprint and Palm told me I was the first to mentioned this and are escalating this design flaw and they were shock to know about this. I'm sure they are pulling my leg.

    Oh well things could be worse. I transfered a known good photo of me wearing a white shirt and it looks a tad reddish/pink when view from my Centro. Thats what makes me think it is a screen problem.

    Has no one else noticed this?

    Oh well - nice little phone - almost makes me want to swap my 755p for one - it is really more pocketable. But in the end the bigger screen, keyboard, and 2200mah battery makes me stay with the 755p - darn close though.
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    I've seen the slight pink hue on a Treo 650 of a friend of mine. I've had a Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 680 > Centro. None have that pink hue on the Phone or pictures I have taken with the phone and placed on the Palm Desktop. I say its the phone and it sounds like a lot of phones... but not mine or any I've had.
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    My 755p color tones are pretty close to being right on - its just all of the Centros that I've seen that are off.
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    I got a replacement Centro with a pink tint to the screen, posted about it here:
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    Well at least I'm not the only one - I like the Palm OS because it is so tweakable
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    Tonight I took a picture with the Centro's camera out of curiousity and the picture was pinkish - I then transfered the photo to a computer because ealier I though it was just the Centro's screen that had the pinkish tint and nothing to do with the camera - well the computer display the picture as pink also.

    So after aiming the camera at different angles the camera seems to display the proper color only at a specific angle (it's sweet spot) - any other angle and the screen shows a pink tint to it. It almost seems like the screen and camera depend on each other and the available light that enters the lens controls whether the pink tint shows up or not and whether the camera takes the picture with a pink tint or not.

    One of the few complaints that I have about the Centro, especially when I compare it to my 755p - my wife doesn't really care - its still just a phone to her - but at least it is all set up with all the goodies that I'd want
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    Given that, it would seem to be as much a software issue as anything else. In digicam world this would be know as the white balance. The software needs an override where you can point to something and say "this is white" and then it would adjust from there. I'll bet it is a bigger problem with indoor shots than outdoor also.
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    Yes I am familiar with "white balance" - I have tested both indoors and outdoors, with the same problem - I'm sure it is hardware and software combined.

    My 755p is basically perfect in that area. It would be nice to be able to set the white balance, but it is just a pda with an after thought phone and camera - the proce you have to pay for convergence I guess

    It's way worse on the Centro than it is on my 755p - although it could be just certain samples of the Centro's, but all the Centro's I have seen are the same or worse. Other than that I like the Centro.

    Thanks for the response!
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    I notice it too.


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