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    I need to erase everything on my palm so that i can return it to asurion, the only problem is that most of my keys and buttons are not working so i cant perform a normal hard reset.

    is there anyway other way to do it?
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    if you use Blue Pill, you can send the erase command.
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    NVM, i just downloaded the bluepill trial, reactivated my 70p through sprints site, texted my secret code from my other phone a whaalaa erased treo. Thanks to this forum of course.
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    haha thanks cavingjan.
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    Yep and you can even do it with a freeware program that resets your device - mReset is one of them. What you do is do the mReset thing and when the screen comes up with the cute orange ball, hold the power button down until it goes away and comes back then let up on it - you can then do a hard reset.


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