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    Wow. This is an incredible program, and it's free!... but I get an error when I save. =(

    Edit: I like it enough, that I'll just use snap to save pictures. Great work! =)
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    ZzHatD is very glad you like the drawing/editing tools.
    ZzHatD would really like to immediately address whatever problem you are experiencing. ZzHatD is not familiar with the problem you have described.

    PLEASE CONTACT and provide the following details:
    1.) What kind of device are you running? The application has not been fully tested on Centro, but ZzHatD did expect full functionality on Centro. App was tested on Treo700p and T|X. It works really well on those two devices.
    2.) Do you have an SD card in your device?
    3.) Is your SD card one you use frequently on that device without problem?
    4.) Can you use SNAP to capture and send the error you receive?
    5.) Can you try the application on one of your other devices?

    Other points:
    1.) Please try the save a second time, it may have occurred just establishing the directory where to store the images. Once the directory is established, the problem may automatically go away.

    2.) Please respond to this post so that if your problem is resolved others will be aware that the application eventually works fine for you.

    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated, not only by ZzHatD, but also by the community of JazzyDraw users who want a flawless experience.
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    A save problem was located and fixed.
    The fixed version is in JazzyDraw_v3, located at the same site:

    The problem found was when a user attempted to save before the image album directory was created. The solution incorporated into JazzyDraw_v3 is to have the application create the image album directory automatically at the startup of the application, if it is missing.

    Please try out the new version-3 and let know how you like it.
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    The program works wonderfully now. Thanks for being so prompt!

    I am amazed at the amount of tools offered, you went beyond just putting in the basics, especially for a free program. The EtchQP is such a great feature. To be able to see what will appear without commiting is great. The variety of options for Text is very nice, then you have all the great tint and mix tools. The Help is actually very helpful as well.

    With that said... I do have some comments.

    - While the EtchQP is the most useful feature to me, I am confused as to why it's only QP, and not... QPABackspace, or something. Is there a way to to the up diagonals and not just down-left and down-right?

    - And while the amount of tools is impressive, the seem to be scattered around pretty randomly throughout the grid. If I was to arrange it I'd have it like this:

    -EtchQP, Color, ColPick, Zoom
    -Draw, Line, Jline, Erase
    -Circle, Rect, Spray, Fill
    -Frame, Grid, Notes, Text
    -Mix, Drag, Tint, Shade
    -Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo
    -Help, Files, Clear, Exit

    -This arrangement puts EtchQP, Zoom, Help, and Exit in the corners, which seems more intuitive to me.
    -It places EtchQP right next to Draw, since they have a special feature together.
    -Color and ColPick are right there top center to be next to the color selection bar and Thick/Spd choices.
    -The 2nd and 3rd rows are the basic drawing tools
    -The 4th contains the "background" altering tools, plus Text (right next to Notes, which seems to fit in a way)
    -The 5th row has the tools that alter what's on the page
    -The 6th row groups together the basic editing tools
    -The 7th row has the file/application buttons.

    -There are other minor things that could be done, such as more keyboard buttons dedicated to specific features, but that isn't necessary at all, and is just extra icing on the cake.

    Again, I love the program, and am very impressed by it. Now I just wish the Centro screen was as sensitive as the Treo 650 so I wouldn't have to push as hard.
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    The only thing I don't like about it is that the program takes over the home button (and all of the other hard keys) and you cannot get to the launcher without going through the menu. Could we get an option for that? I'd prefer to have my regular buttons function normally and just use the space bar for the menu.

    Not sure if its a bug or not (if it is its a minot one) but I have skinUI installed. On startup, I notice the left tip of a menu bar for a second and then it goes away. I don't know whether you are attempting to display something or not. Just thought I'd pass it along.
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    In addition, the about menu option doesn't work.
    It would be nice if you could get menu options for clear and undo. I'm talking about the menu that pops up when you hit the menu key. Particulary if you hae the U and C noted as the shortcuts.
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    I will attempt to answer the questions in order:
    1.) I am glad you enjoy EtchQP so much because I fear it is one feature that will confuse some impatient users (which is also partly why I hid it in the middle of the buttons). However, like you, I also find it very helpful once you are used to it. With regard to why there is only QP rather than 4 keys... the reason is actually simple. It is hard to describe in a single letter the keys I picked for up-left-diag and up-right-diag. For up-left-diag, use hard-key#1 (probably phone key). For up-right-diag, use hard-key#4 (probably home key). I used these keys based on their physical position on newest devices. Any turtle navigation approach would have gotten confusing once the turtle turned far enough, so I went with physical orientation to help the user keep direction clear. I picked the hard-keys in part because I wanted people to stumble onto the feature and also because they are bigger buttons to find with the thumb. But, your point is interesting for sure.
    2.) With regard to the button placement, you appear to have a horizontal orientation in mind, where I picked a little more vertical approach. I didn't spend a lot of time really analyzing out the best button locations, but I did try to use a vertical orientation whereby the most likely first choices by the user would be things easy for them to understand and experiment with. Again, your points are interesting. Please keep in mind that EtchQP actually effects many of the tools, not just draw... but I agree those two have a special relationship to one another. If I make a new version, I will definitely ponder some of your suggestions further.
    3.) I would also like more functions tied to keys, but I am running right up to size limitations (though I am not exactly sure which resource I am running out of), therefore some things just had to be left out of this version for me to get time to fully test it, release it, and not run out of memory/space.
    4.) I also don't like the fact that it takes over the home button. But, I believe this is a feature of the Plua runtime engine which JazzyDraw is dependent upon. Not much I am aware of that I can do about this fact.
    5.) The sudden flash of the menu at the beginning, is something I that occurs with the use of the Plua runtime engine which JazzyDraw is dependent upon. I am not aware of anyway to eliminate it. I like to think positively about it... since the application already takes longer to load than I would prefer, at least it gives the user a hint that something is happening.
    6.) Several people have wondered why the normal menu is so empty. This again has to do with issues of the Plua runtime. At least in the earlier version 1.1, there appeared to be problems where the menu would not paint and clear properly, which would have impacted your artwork. That is what prompted me to put all the buttons on a dialog-pallet in the first place. JazzyDraw now uses Plua2.0, which may not have the same issues (or perhaps it was my inexperience which resulted in that behavior in the first place). So, if I ever create a new version, this might be something I consider looking into again.
    7.) While several of the issues are due to Plua limitations, please don't misunderstand me. JazzyDraw would not even be possible without Plua, so ZzHatD is very grateful to the makers of Plua. It is a fantastic development environment for Palm devices (the very best free environment I have found).
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    -I don't really mind which buttons do the up diagonals for EtchQP, just that there are buttons. I was confused because I couldn't find them.

    I didn't test out Home because I usualy pressed that to get to the Menu.

    And as for the Phone button, pressing the Phone button for me took me to the phone application. This is because I was using LudusP to combine the Phone and Send buttons. When I took off that option, Phone could be used for up-left like you said. Combining Phone/Send into one button is important to me, so the good news is that Butler does the same thing, and is also on my phone. So when I chose to use Butler for that option, it worked fine with EtchQP, and it still does what I need it to do outside of JazzyDraw.

    Now that I can get the full use out EtchQP, I'm perfectly happy with it.
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    can you fix the icon? you did not make the icon be a transparent background so on any color background other than white, you get that ugly white square box around the icon.
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    I would fix the icon, but I am not sure how. The icon mechanism with PLUA is somewhat cryptic and BMP images don't usually accept an invisible color. If I come across a way to do this, I will post an update on the Yahoo GeoCities JazzyDraw page. By the way, if you are having any trouble sending "bmp" images to JazzyDraw from your computer, please realize that JazzyDraw is case-sensitive with regard to the extension. It will ignore images with the wrong case, even if they have the correct three letters.

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