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    Hi all,

    Some time ago I purchased a couple programs from they were great programs and still reside on my T3,


    They are super programs with remarkable abilities, I read that the developer was working on a new suite of programs to be called Saguaro.

    But any attempt to locate PDAPerformance brings up an error page.

    ANy ideas? New directions?

    Cheers, Kim
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    They're done, doors closed, Saguaro cancelled
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    A funny story (for me, anyhow.)

    I had purchased ToDo now from them. It took awhile to get the reg key. When they finally responded, they said they had implemented a new spam filter and that's what was causing problems (yeah, right.)

    Not long after I was evaluating Contacts5Photo and had some questions. I emailed them several times and they never responded. I went back to their site and everything had changed. They were promoting their new Saguaro app but ToDoNow and Contacts5Photo completely disappeared. It was like those apps never existed. They never mentioned them or anything about continued support. Again I sent them several emails and they never responded until I told them that I was going to post my experiences with them all over the internet in all the phone forums.

    Then, magically, they responded and apologized saying that ToDoNow and Contacts5Photo were no longer being supported.

    Here comes the funny part - my last email to them was less than friendly and I ended it by saying "I hope you go under soon."

    Good riddance I say, anybody that has lousy customer support like that deserves to go belly up.
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    Sorry your experience was so bad with them, its too bad because they DID have a good product! I found them very useful and very stable as well. Oh well, onward and upward I guess!

    Cheers, Kim
    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!

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