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    First of all let me thank the developers of this wonderful program for it is really a Treo saver. For after Palm screwed up with the redesigning of the Phone application, they need to learn to leave well enough alone, the Treo 680 was a pain to use compared to the Treo 650. Not to mention the useless Call Log in the Treo 680 and the address book that wont even allow to choose display names in the order of, first name then last name. I think Palm intended to only market to the US and Europe, for if they looked beyond their noses they would realize that there is a lot of countries where, First Name Last Name, is the norm. Anyhow, bottom line is that TAKEphONE is the single most essential software for the Treo 680 in addition to a decent launcher, my choise is ZLauncher. Thus onece agin thank you for this Treo saving software.

    As good as TAKEphONE is, there is still scope for improvement and in that endevour I hope to contribute witht he following suggestions.

    Main Page related:

    Suggestion 1:
    When the phone is turned off, currently TAKEphONE is displayed in the upper left corner instead of the Service Providers name. My suggestion is that instead it should state *PHONE OFF* or *FLIGHT MODE*. That would be far more accurate in indicating the status and would more importantly be far more functional than displaying TAKEphONE there. Also, for those of us who travel often and have to deal with, not so bright flight attendants, it would be helpful in convinving them that the phone is actually turned off while there is no way to switch of the PDA itself.

    PS: If the concern is, branding of the software, then I suggest that, *PHONE OFF* or *FLIGHT MODE* and *TAKEphONE* can flash alternately, just like in the case of roaming, wherin the *Service Providers Name* and *Roaming* keeps flashing alternately.

    Suggestion 2:
    In the status bar on the top, currently TAKEphONE displays the Service Provider Name or TAKEphONE, time/date, Sound Icon, Bluetooth Icon, Network Signal Icon & Battery Icon. My suggestion is to make the time/date & the Sound Icons also functional, similiar to how the Bluetooth Icon works. Basically just as when you press on the Bluetooth Icon it takes yout to the Bluetooth page, the same way the time/date Icon and more importantly the Sound Icon should take you to the Sounds setting page.

    Suggestion 3:
    How about Combining 2Day with TAKEphONE.
    Basically I personally would love to be able to have the entire functionality of 2Day as my Main page in TAKEphONE. More importantly, I would like to be able to have the functionality and items displayed on the main page of 2Day incorporated as the Main page for TAKEphONE. When I were to start pressing buttons TAKEphONE would then immediately display the search results as it does now or go to the dialler page if it determines that I am attempting to dial a number rather than do a search.

    Call Log related:

    Suggestion 1:
    Icons in Call Log should be more clearer in Indicating incoming and outgoing calls. Compared to other Call Log software, I have always found it confusing to differentiate between incoming and outgoing calls in TAKEphONE. Also TAKEphONE highlights the missed incoming calls but there is nothing to differentiate between, outgoing completed calls and outgoing incomplete/unanswered calls.
    My suggestions is that, the Arrow should point to the Left and away from the phone icon to indicate outgoing calls. The indicators should be as follows:
    Incoming Call *Arrow-->Phone Icon facing right* (Blue Color)
    Incoming MISSED Call *Arrow-->Phone Icon facing right* (RED Color)
    Outgoing Call *Arrow<--Phone Icon facing left* (Green Color)
    Outgoing MISSED Call (Unanswered Call) *Arrow<--Phone Icon facing left* (Orange Color)

    Suggestion 2:
    There ought to be an option to select a longer period than 1 yr (365 days) in the purge options. Actually one should be able to select/input a particular date beyond which all calls should be purged. Or maybe even an option to purge only calls within a selected range, ie. from xx/xx/xxxx date to xx/xx/xxxx date.

    Suggestion 3:
    Incorporate the ability in Call Log to be updated from the Phone book. Meaning to match the numbers and names. For eg. when you recieve a call from someone who is not in the phonebook, the number is always displayed without a name, even after you have added the number to your phone book, whether as new contact and/or added the number to an existing contact. One should be able to select and run a utility from the Call Log menu which would match the names and numbers with the phone book and update the Call Log accordingly.

    I hope my suggestions above are taken in the spirit in which they are offered, which is to help make this software even better. I do realize that due to various constraints and reasons not all of the above may be possible and/or may not fall in the developers visions for the software. But I do hope atleast some, if not all the above could be incorporated into TAKEphONE.
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    Thanks for all these ideas.

    My responses:

    1. As you guessed, I want to leave the "TAKEphONE" title
    for branding reasons. I will consider toggling it with
    the "Phone off" title in the future, although I personally
    dont like unnecesary "animations" on the screen.

    As a workaround - you can press Menu+. to show that attendant
    the "Phone off" title in the built-in PHONE app.

    2. Allowing access to sound & time settings - will add this
    later on.

    3. Combining 2day & TAKEphONE - afraid I hesitate to "kill"
    my 2day product for the sake of TAKEphONE (or vice versa).
    You can use both and get the full functionality.
    You can use 2day as the main page, and configure it to launch
    TAKEphONE as soon as you start typing search strings.

    4. Call log icons - I think their quite clear - watch the arrow
    and the handset parts of the icon - if the arrow points to the handset
    then it's an incoming call...
    Seperating missed calls - not sure it can be done with the structure
    of the Treo call log.

    5. Other call log suggestions - very good ideas. Wrote them down
    for the "next generation" - I am currently focused on declaring
    the current beta ( a release.

    Thanks again for all your efforts !
    Shimon Shnitzer
    Maker of TAKEphONE, 2day, 4cast, 2dial & CallCards -
    "Take telephony into your Palm"
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    The only way I can think of is to check the call length for outgoing calls. If its under 2 minutes, it's either a missed outgoing call, outgoing call to voicemail, or a very short conversation. If anything, you could change the icon to a different color like yellow to denote short calls. Although I have no problem with the current configuration.

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