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    Last year I had a Palm Treo 650 with me camping and one night it just started to contious reset for the longest time. I just took the battery out and when I put it back in it would keep resetting right after each other. I bought a new Treo 650 a week later. Then I put the battery in my old Treo and it doesn't rest anymore, I guess it is kind of back to normal. SO I just use it to charge a extra battery, just in case I need a charged battery fast. One thing I did notice when I put the battery in the old Treo that everything seemed to work as normal except the speaker doesn't play any sound when you use real player, or get a call. I think it would play a sound when you are picking a sound for your ring tone. Why is causing this? I do go the lake a lot and I kept the phone in a water proof box. Could humidity have gotten to it? If so is it correctable?
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    Interesting. I have had the same problems with my Treo 650 a week or two ago. Even a hard reset and rom exchange didn't solve it. So I bought another one.
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    Mine did the same a couple of weeks ago so I upgraded to a Centro. I think Palm have put a bug in there to encourage us to buy new phones!
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    I go the new Treo 680 and I didn't like it, it seemed like a cheaper version so I got another 650 so I just use the old one to charge a backup battery for when I go camping I have 2 batteries just in case I need to call someone.

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