I work for a Municipality that owns a sprint affiliate. we are using serveral Treo 700p phones for our managment but have run into an issue. first some functional info. we have exchange server 2003 running on windows server 2003 we have implemented the password feture on the treos that are using the activesync with the exchanger server so that if you type your password wrong a set number of times the phone will wipe itself and reset to factory defaut (well at least to sprint default). what is happening is a user will go to answer his or her phone or simply type in thier password once and the phone will proceed to act as if it was told to rest and wipe to factory settings. the password has not been mistyped or not typed at all in some casses. this has happend on treos that have both the new and the previous firmware.

any ideas where we could look. as our system logs show no errors or anything like that that we can find.