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    Hi there !

    I am considering a Treo 680, and right now I am a 650 user. I am interested in custom ROM (I've modified my 650's one several times), and reading various threads about the question, I haven't been able to find a way to "add" and "remove" files to/from ROM prior to compressing the image and later upload it to the phone.

    The new approach seems to be the SD method, but using this method I've just found "pre-compiled" ROMs (most of them just in English, I am Spanish...), and I was wondering if there is a method like the "old one" for the Treo 680 (I mean, TreoRomTool, possibility to "see" the files the Rom will have, and so on).

    Any advice ? Is this possible ? Any link ?

    Thanks in advance !
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    Bump ! Any ideas/suggestions ?

    Thanks in advance !
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    There is _no_ ROMTool for the 680.
    Search the forum if you really want to create your own, all the details are out there already.

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