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    Hi, I'm a long time Palm user and always loved Graffiti shortcuts. I'm looking for a app that will simulate this on my Treo 680. It would be even bettert if it could handle entire phrases or paragraphs. Something like TextExpander for the Mac OS.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Vlad.
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    I've been a huge graffiti user on my T3 and I am desperately looking for a way to write on my Centro screen. sometimes text input is easier for me than keyboard input. Besides that I use memos a lot as a journal and used the shortcut graffiti symbol ALOT.

    I just found this online link that lets me use the keyboard to create that shortcut symbol!

    Now to locate a list of the common "built in" shortcut "lists".

    Like hitting the shortcut symbol, then typing in "DTS" gives a "date Time Stamp.

    I'll keep looking, but if anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it!

    Just a bit more searcnhing and I found that if you just push the "s"key, then press the "alt" key, the same small selection window will pop up! navigate down and select, or up twice and select, then input shortcut letters - which I am still trying to locate!
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    Perfect! Thanks a lot!!!

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