I've been using a 2GB card in my Treo 650 since I got the phone, about 3 months now. I basically only use the card to transfer pictures to my PC and store my mp3's. I had about 500MB of mp3's stored on it and tried to add more but I kept getting an error that a directory couldn't be created. I thought something might have happened to the card so I inserted it back into the phone, reformatted it and tried to add music again. All was fine until I got to about the 500 or 600MB mark, where the same thing happened again.

I thought maybe the card was defective so I bought another 2GB card. I formatted the card in my Treo and then inserted into my card reader and started to add my music. I got the same error message at around the same amount of used space. I've tried this on 2 PC's now with the same results. I use RealPlayer that came with the phone to play my mp3's. Its version 1.6.0. I have the current Palm OS installed on my Treo as well, 1.13a.

I'd like to use at least 1GB of my 2GB card for my music, instead of only being able to use a quarter of its storage capacity. This happen to anyone else? Is there any remedy for this?

By the way, I haven't synched the phone in awhile, could that be the problem?