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    I've been using the built-in timer to turn off pocket tunes at night after I fall asleep but it doesn't seem to really turn it off, just pauses it. I'd like to install a program that turns off pocket tunes and also turns off my network/phone so I don't have to plug in my phone overnight to keep from waking up with a dead battery.
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    Without a reset, pocket tunes only pauses. For turning your phone on and off, try treo alarm. I think most other alarm programs also have the ability to turn the radio on and off.
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    Power Hero seems to do the trick, but I have to take 3 steps to ensure the phone stays off. Set the Pocket tunes timer to go off 5 minutes before. Then set up Power hero to turn off the phone and Network after. If pocket tunes timer is set after the phone and network, pocket tunes will attempt to turn them both back on. Too bad there isn't a program that can do all three.
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    Do you go to bed at a consistant time? If so try this:
    1. set pockettunes to stop after 30 minutes
    2. set treo alarm to turn off radio each weeknight at midnight
    3. set treo alarm to turn radio on each weeknight at 6 AM

    times are obviously changable. The obvious things to do is make sure that pockettunes is set to stop prior to the treo turning off and to not have pockettunes start playing automatically upon starting.
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    Power Hero also turns the device on & off. Ben
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    I use both PowerMan and PowerHero on my Centro. Both will do what you want, with the exception of killing Pocket Tunes. I like Powerman for the various profiles you can set up and like Powerhero for the Signal Saver feature which nearly doubled my battery life.

    Now I just wish there was a PowerHero for WM PPC's, or somthing simular with a signal saver. Sorry for getting off topic... back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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    Power Hero is a fantastic program but it does not turn off Pocket Tunes. For some reason when I schedule the radio to turn off, Pocket Tunes stays on. There has to be an app out there that will stop Pocket tunes from draining the battery in paused mode. I think if I turn off "enable background play" then I just need to find an app that will change the application at a designated time - then that will effectively turn off Pocket Tunes. Any ideas?

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