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    Seidio plans to release 2600 mah super extended battery for Centro next week !
    I assume this means that Seidio can confirm that this super large battery and door is compatible with various Seidio branded holsters, then?

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    Quote Originally Posted by wernst View Post
    I assume this means that Seidio can confirm that this super large battery and door is compatible with various Seidio branded holsters, then?

    Yes. The new battery door will fit into our holster.

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    I'm late to the thread after just hearing about it on the TreoCast but may I ask wysiwyg, do you use TealLock? I do on my Treo 680 and was getting truly awful battery life. I read all these tips about turning off keyboard lights, dimming the screen etc but that seemed to have little impact. Finally on a 12 hour flight with my Treo off the whole way, the battery dropped from 70% to zero. While doing nothing at all!

    I installed Treo Battery to see what was going on (very educational as another poster pointed out) and realized something was causing the Treo to stay in REM sleep. I finally pinpointed it to TealLock and by a happy coincidence stumbled across a new Beta version ( It turns out that some background apps can stop TealLock from going into true sleep mode and so they get stuck in REM. The Beta fixes that. The first night after installing it, I left my Treo unplugged overnight and it only dropped by 5%. So now I am at least in a position where the other battery saving tips make a difference, but they are really less of a concern for me. I've gone back to having Chatteremail set to use IMAP IDLE (which does make a difference) and a couple of hours of pTunes and Plucker viewing every day.

    Now, I don't know if the above issue affects Centro as well - the TealLock version notes do not specify which devices are impacted - but if you use that application it may well be worth checking out the Beta or waiting for the released update.

    WORD OF WARNING: the update wipes all your previous settings so make a note of them before you start. I understand this will remain the case in the final version.

    Hope this helps someone.
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    I think users have resigned to the belief that just because the Centro battery is thin, it cannot last for more than 8-10 hours. Believe me... I now easily get 18-20 hours on a single charge under normal use. I'm not skimping on anything... lot of apps, music, ChatterEmail, all of my development testing... etc. HOWEVER, I do have to keep my eye on the REM sleep thingy with the help of TreoBattery.PRC and the moment it kicks, in, do several resets to reset the faulty condition.
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