I've been downloading MP3s to my Centro (AT&T) for a month now and all of a sudden after downloading a single song tonight, then disconnecting, then reconnecting again, Windows Media Player was no longer able to see any of the songs on my 4 GB Sandisk Micro SD card. The byte count showed 0 and when I clicked on Music WMP would freeze up for a few minutes. I could see the songs from ptunes and they still played OK.

After reformatting the card from the Centro, I am now able to download songs again and WMP sees the files, but the WMP byte count (lower right hand corner of the Sync screen) is still 0. If I go in through Explorer I see the files, but it too thinks the device has 0 bytes on it.

I'm running WinXP (SP2) and WMP 10.

Before this all occured WMP was showing me a valid byte count. Any ideas?