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    With summer coming and the outdoor activities beginning I was looking for way to keep my Centro safe. I have found a pretty good & rather inexpensive solution to protect & waterproof your Centro or Treo. I found some cases from GSI for under $10 at my local outdoor store. They are pretty durable and waterproof. Then I bought a sheet of fun foam for under a dollar and lined the inside (using the friction of the different pieces to hold it in) to keep it from rattling or get little scratches from movement.
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    Interesting, and looks effective, but I'd cut openings in the foam inserts to allow screen viewing at least. Obviously this type of case would be good for transport only, if you talked on it or played Mp3s I'd worry about overheating. It certainly appears to be a durbale case! An outdoor store is a place I haven't shopped for electronics accessories - thanks for the tip!
    Cheers, Kim
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