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    Just in case someone out there has run into this problem. My biggest frustration is to get all of my Palm items synced with my Mac. Missing Sync seems to work great for everything EXCEPT my address book. It never gets all my addresses -- maybe only 1/2. Or less. I have spent hours with Missing Synch tech support working on this issue. Nothing they have suggested has resolved this issue.

    1. Have you had success with Missing Synch, especially with Address Book?
    2. What ways are you finding the best way to sync everything on my Palm Treo with my Mac (that is reliable and trustworthy). I'm especially needing to find a way to get ALL my Address Book synced with my Palm Treo.

    Thanks much for your help.

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    I have mostly had success with Missing Sync, but some major annoyances have included:

    1) Sometimes a contact would not come over to the Palm from the computer.

    But I haven't experienced that in some time.

    2) Sometimes I had issues with calendars.

    I've experienced neither in some time...

    I'm using v. 6.0.3, using a Mac with OS X.5.2

    I lived with the annoyances because I like that it can sync two addresses for a contact, and it's more flexible than iSync in general, but iSync really is a good solution in most cases.

    Also, I'm annoyed by the misfires and by Palm's inadequacy in general that I'm looking in the direction of an iPhone. The wait for 3G, third-party software, a bump in storage, and the end of my contract with Sprint are all that stands between me and the jump to an Apple-to-Apple sync solution.

    I hope that helps.

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