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    I have a Palm Centro and as those who own one can attest keeping it charged for a full day is a challenge. I would like to find a program that will turn my phone on for 10-15 minutes per hour and alert me to any voicemails I received while the phone was turned off. I have Power Hero and I'd have to manually input the on and off for each hour of the day to achieve this. If there is no other program available I am fine doing this. My problem is that the system vm alert is not going off when the phone turns on. Is there any other program that will alert me by ring or vibrate when my phone turns on for this short period? Ideally I'd like a program that will set up this hourly check for the entire day and alert me with a ring when the phone turns on, but if I can find a program that will just ring the vm message alert when the phone turns on that will work too. Any ideas?
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    If you ask me, that's crazy. If a phone doesnt' meet your basic needs, (like lasting all day), you should get a different phone. To have to have a program to turn the phone on for a short time, is wrong.
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    Well, if I was just using the phone as a phone on weekends then the battery would be just fine, but I don't. I use it for ptunes, internet radio, youtube etc. I think I can add significant battery life to the phone if I can keep the phone turned off for most of the day. I'd love to have an app that just checked my voice mail every hour just so I don't have to do it manually. Right now I'm combining Power Hero's scheduling function and Butler's Attention Grabber but again, Attention Grabber works sometimes but not others. I'm trying to troubleshoot to see if there is some kind of application conflict that is causing Attention Grabber to not sound when the phone comes on.

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