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    Hi. I want to add ringtones (Midi and/or MP3) to my phone. How to I do it and get the phone to recognize them? The 755P comes with a recorder app to add those recorded sounds directly to ringtones, but you lose quality if you play the MIDI (or MP3) into the recorder. Help. Please.
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    Hello, if you do a search on the forum for making ringtones or .mp3 ringtones you will get quite a few hits. Here is just one thread I found:
    Sprint Treo 755p (blue) with SanDisk 2GB miniSD card. some of my apps installed: TakephOne, DateBk6, 2Day, 4Cast, BellTime 1.0, Palm PDF, Pocket Tunes Deluxe, Kinoma 4, TCPMP, Webmessenger, Card Reader, Slingplayer Mobile, Mobipocket Reader, PS Memo, Virtual Piano, Resco Backup, Cleanup, Uninstall, Destaller, Virtual Piano, Favogo, Snap, Thesaurus, TryDA, Colorize, ChatterEmail, DBFixit, Icon Manager, Noah Pro Dictionary, zLauncher, FileZ, RNS Cuckoo Clock, 25 games.

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