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    I've been using the built in palm mail app to sync with my office e-mail. One of the features that I can't find is "Mark as Unread".

    Can anyone enlighten me about how to do this onboard my VPL? Or alternatively any third party mail app that can do this (preferably one that sits on top of the mail db)

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    Here is the link for one that will do what you ask....

    found it a while back but from checking out the old link he updated it from 0.2.7 (what I have) to 1.3. It was stable back then so it should be good now. I'm going back to get the new version.
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    thanks briker, and as a bonus e*Mail lets me truncate at 16000 or 32000 chars
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    link broken/
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    If you're talking about VersaMail, just hit Menu>I. To keep it as unread in your computer-accessed inbox, delete with the 'delete from server' option un-checked.

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