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    Hi, ok havent been here is a while. I need help with 2 things.
    how do I add music files or padcasts to my treo and what app can I use to manage my files on my sd card? any help is appreciated
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    ...if you put your ipod in the same pocket, does that count?

    use card reader to load music/PODCAST files onto your sd card
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    Use Filez (free) or Resco Explorer to manage the files.
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    to get music onto your card - drop the files into the palm install and then SYNC - you can also use a card reader program so you can access the treo from "my computer" and drop your files directly onto the card - - then you can create folders and what not at the same time - thats good for moving photos on and off as well or any other documents
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    You can also put the music in your "My Music" folder on your PC, open Windows Mediaplayer while pTunes running on 700p, then select and sync the music over with mediaplayer.

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