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    I just bought a Palm1 Treo from a friend, it was on altel network, verizon before that. Now im trying to activate the phone on my verizon plan and the verizon people said the ESN is not found and they said i need to flash it to a verizon software. I tried that but its saying its Incompatible. I cant get it to activate for anything. the first four digits of my serial are PTGC which im told is the 'generic CDMA' which can be activated and flashed to Verizon, Alltel, and Cingular. I hope somone has some idea of what i can do to get this thing programmed to my verizon service!
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    Flashing it to Verizon software won't change the ESN. If Verizon won't activate the ESN, you're SOL, with or without Verizon software.
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    you can always look into doing the wifi hack on it *wifi disables the phone radio, and will require a hard reset to reactivate the phone*. great for those phones that cant be used as a phone.

    if you can't sell the device, you can use it as a cheap palm.
    [unlocked/unbranded/internal antenna/no camera/gsm/treo650]

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