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    I cannot ge my Jabra BT3010 to work. I go through all the steps, enter the code, and it says code is incorrect. Any ideas? I have played with the 3 and 5 second setting a dozen times. no luck. Thanks in advance for suggestions!
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    I have a Jabra BT8010 and BT8040.

    No probs with either. The code is 4 zeros, is thwt what you are using?

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    that is the code I am using, but it says not acceptable. weird.
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    try deleting it from list of devices. (if its in your trusted devices menu) You can also delete bluetooth device cache from thr delete menu and going through the setup process again.

    dont know what to tell ya. maybe its defective. trey a soft reset/turning bluetooth on and off etc. the simple stuff first

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