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    Sometimes when I go to the messaging app (SMS app), the screen is blank for about 20-30 seconds and the Centro keeps making a 'ticking' or 'tapping' noise during this delay.


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    I have this happen to me at least once a day. Very annoying, especially when I'm trying to 'sneak' in a quick SMS at work before my boss catches me, LOL! What carrier do you have? Maybe it has something to do with that? We'll see if others post..........

    I have Verizon, and use 755p.

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    I have a Sprint Centro since Oct 15th '07 and never had any problems with messaging.

    It loads right now and works flawlessly. Messaging is used frequently too. Same with my Sprint 700p.

    I would suggest that you may a corruption in one of the Messaging data base files.

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    This has happened for months with me.. I posted about it a long time ago but no one responded. It happens when I view the text message from the alert - if I tap on the bell, then the "1 new text message has arrived" - it sits at a blank messaging screen for at least 15 seconds (my screen is set to turn off after 15 seconds) then when I turn it back on, the message is usually finally there.. I have tried deleting all messages - rebooting the phone, etc.. it is SUPER annoying because the phone won't let you do anything else until the delay is over.

    PS I haven't noticed a ticking noise, but my phone is always on silent when it happens.
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    The delay and ticking goes back to my pre-Centro days. I know I had this issue with my Treo 700 and possibly before that. Its annoying but after all this time, I've just learned to deal with it.

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    I have it also. Very, very annoying.
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    I have had this with my 755P and Blazer. When I clear my dbcache with Explorer I hear the same ticking, and I hear it sometimes with Blazer too, along with a delay and a white screen. I wonder if something is clearing the dbcache and that is the ticking sound.
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    Same issue here. Glad to know it's not just me!

    Maybe Palm will issue a fix before the next century...
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    That has never happened to me with Texts. I happens to me only with Blazer and QuickNews, both memory hungry applications. I'm guessing it's the dbcache too.

    The phone only empties it when the cache gets full, which can get annoying. I started using Resco Doctor to empty the dbcache if it gets below 5mb free, and that's seemed to help stabilize my phone.
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