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    I've been deleting my 3rd party apps one by one to find out which are causing my Centro to reset so I thought I'd start a thread where people can post which programs they have found do not work well together. I've been loading trial versions of many programs and have found that Technician and Volumecare don't seem to like each other. ClipPro has been a problem as well but I'm not sure where the conflict is there.
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    I had problems with Clippro, I tried to narrow it down but instead found this it has been working flawlessly.
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    I had problems with YourCall Pro (Resets once per day).
    The latest version of RusHack (Cyrillic support software) V 0_5_1788 Causes a reset loop (but only if entering into the app launcher, just using the phone function works), but not immediately (after the first crash).

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