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    For the last day the Sprint Power vision bookmark in Blazer loads but none of the links work. I use that as my news portal, plus to get my account details.

    The account details part at the top is totally missing.

    Can anyone confirm I am not alone in having this happen?
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    It works for me. Try reloading the page, clearing cache & cookies?
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    No joy. I have had this happen when the Sprint PCS login page does not work ie is down for maintanance. I can bring that up on my desktop just fine. Can you get a URL for the link? Maybe mine is corrupted in some way.

    Thanks for checking for me.
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    Got it taken care of. I broke down and did the waiting dance while I called Sprint tech and spoke with them. The tech had me update the vision profile and that fixed it all!

    Still can't get usage details but apparently that is a prob they are working on.

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