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    These few days, I cannot make any outgoing calls. But I can receive incoming calls, send and receive sms with no problem.

    Whenever I try, it does not have a dial tone and the call just ends adruptly. I checked my sim card, no problem, it worked fine with another phone. I did a hard reset and I could make outgoing calls BEFORE I synchronised the phone with my desktop. Then after inatalling everything back, the problem came back. Looks like it is a software problem, not the phone or service provider.

    I did not do anything unusual, such as installing new software or change any preference (I do not set any call barring). I just did my usual synchronising.

    I would appreciate if anyone out there could advise what could be the problem and how to troubleshoot. PLEASE HELP!
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    Your best bet since it is a software conflict is to do a hard reset, rename your backup folder so none of your old programs get transferred over, and sync only your pim data. Test it to confirm that it works. Add programs one or two at a time and test after each addition. When you find the app that causes the problem, you have your answer. I would add the programs in order of importance to you.
    You might find in the exnd everything is working fine. If this happens, you probably had a setting in one of your programs that was causing the conflict.
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    Thanks cavingjan. Sorry, how to find the pim data?
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    your pim data will either be in the palm desltop program or outlook. I'm not sure what you use. Its the calendar, contacts, tasks, and memos.

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