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    I have a 755p with Verizon. I have problems quite often syncing the handheld with my Palm desktop software. I have a Vista operating system. Sometimes it works and often it doesn't. When it doesn't, it always gets stuck on the calendar. If I have the desktop override the handheld it will sync but not if I want the handheld to overwrite the desktop. Problem is most of the stuff I enter I do on the handheld so if I had it sync by overriding the handheld, I'd lose all that data. HELP!!
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    download dbscan or tealscan and have it look at your databases. You may have a corrupt database.
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    will try -- thanks
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    I always have problems with the calendar (even with overwrite set).

    This works 95% of the time for me.
    - remove from usb cable
    - remove memory chip
    - remove battery
    - put battery back in
    - wait until fully reboots
    - connect back to usb cable
    - put memory chip back in

    I won't say all steps are necessary, but this almost always works for me. Mac or Windoze.

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    You will probably have as much success with checking the cable and/or using a different USB port. I have one cable that is a little loose and causes me a headache - I just threw it away.


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