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    I guess my Centro is set with some sort of power saver because if I stop using an application for about 1 minute my screen goes blank. So, if I was using the web, the Centro will not allow me to go directly back into the application, I need to hit the Home button and then cycle through to find the web application again. I do have a program called Initiate on my phone...could this be causing this issue?

    I am sure there is a way to resume the application automatically when I wake up the phone.....but how do I do that? Do I need to set something?
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    This should help:

    Go to preferences, power, auto off and choose never before you use the web.

    Just remember to reset it to an auto off preference AFTER disconnecting from the web or the centro will stay on until the battery dies!

    Or if you have a cradle choose stay on in cradle and leave the centro in the cradle when browsing the web.

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    Thanks for the reply but I do not have these options..

    I go to Preferences, Power and my only options are Brightness, Beam Receive and Backlight and then Auto-Off but it only gives me a time--15 Sec to 3 minutes

    Am I missing something?
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    How do you turn the screen back on? If you press the red key it should go back the last program you had open.
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    You can set it to 3 minutes as you noted, or you can get one of several third party apps, such as AutoOff Extender which is freeware and which will allow you to change it to any time interval you want. Butler, and presumably Powerman also have an AutoOff change ability. There are some other freeware apps as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dave75 View Post
    How do you turn the screen back on? If you press the red key it should go back the last program you had open.
    That was the problem...I was hitting the center Palm button not the red button. It was my understanding the red button was an "end" button...guess I was wrong.....

    What about resuming an application after a phone do i do that?
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    The same way or press/hold the home key to obtain a list of recently used applications. Phone Technician from has a feature that might work for you.

    As a note, Rob has 2 versions of Phone Technician up - 3.02 and 4.01 - 4.01 requires Magic Tones and if you have RingCare installed, it might send the device into a reset loop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elysemalibu@charter. View Post
    It was my understanding the red button was an "end" button...guess I was wrong.....

    What about resuming an application after a phone do i do that?
    I think the red button has a few uses, though I forget exactly what the manual said. One is "end" for a phone call, but more generally, it's also the power button. That's why it has that small drawing of little circle with a line in it -- in my experience, that's often seen on computer power buttons, so it's a fairly common indicator for the power switch. When your Centro automatically shuts off the screen to save power, pressing the red button will bring it back up right where it was (if keyguard is enabled, you'll have to press Center or something to actually use the device again though).

    I'm not sure about resuming an application after a phone call. I don't use the phone that much on my Centro. I think I usually just go back to the home screen and relaunch the application. I did find a freeware application called PhoneSwitch Basic though, which seems to let you pick what gets launched at the end of a phone call (preset app or last app opened). However, I haven't used it, so I don't know if it will put you where you left off in the last app opened, or if it's just a shortcut to going home and reopening the last app used. It may be worth a try to see if it does what you want, especially since it's free. I hope this helps.
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    Unfortunately resuming an app after a phone call came in is not PalmOS forte, simply because that operation means multitasking and this OS does not support that. A few apps have settings that give that impression.

    Blazer lets you launch it with the last webpage you visited. For that you go to Options, preferences, in the Page tab there's a field "start with". select "last page viewed". It will not work if the last webpage required some sort of authentication, I'd say it works 80% of the time.

    Other apps can "save" the last known state (i.e. solitaire) and when you re-launch them, they will start with that last known state. Other apps simply die and have to reinitiate.
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    I just deleted the trial version of Initiate (I can't get myself to leave Zlauncher), but I thought I saw an option to remain in whatever app you're in when a call comes in.

    It was either that, or perhaps in Apt.

    I know I saw it *somewhere* in an app I was checking out but decided not to buy.
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    Resuming an application after a phone call: Phone Technician at and another one by Phil Miller -

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