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    I'm considering purchasing Documents to Go, however, I understand that you can only sync with one PC. I would like to be able to sync with my work and my home PCs. Has anyone discovered a "trick" to be able to do this?

    Thanks for your help,

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    I consider this a big problem with DocsToGo, however:

    From Help:

    This version of Documents To Go does not support synchronizing one Palm OSŪ handheld with multiple desktop computers. We will be adding the ability to synchronize with more than one computer in a future version of Documents To Go. If you attempt to synchronize with another PC, you may receive the following HotSync Log message:

    "Documents To Go Database ID does not match Desktop Database ID"

    If you want to synchronize one handheld with more than one desktop computer, you must set your synchronization preference in Documents To Go on the desktop to desktop overwrites handheld.

    Please note: Setting the synchronization preference to desktop overwrites handheld will result in files being deleted from the handheld and replaced by files from the desktop. See example below.

    Example: I want to synchronize my handheld device with my work and home computers. The following steps are to be followed:

    1. Synchronize the work computer.

    2. On the home computer, change the HotSync Action to "Desktop overwrites handheld" and synchronize (Tools, Preferences, HotSync Action, Desktop overwrites handheld).

    3. On the home computer, add files and synchronize.

    4. Files on your home desktop computer will be brought down to your handheld and the files previously on your handheld will be deleted.

    If you then attempt to synchronize with your work computer, you will be required to change the HotSync Action to "Desktop overwrites handheld". Files you have on your work computer will be brought down to your handheld and the files previously on your handheld (from your home computer) will be deleted.

    I haven't tried this. If you do, make sure all Docs are backed up so that things can be recovered.
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    Thank you - it sure sounds complicated! Maybe I'll just wait for their release that allows you to sync to both. Sounds too risky.

    Do you know of a similar program that supports both Word and Excel and will let you sync to 2 PCs?


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    Actualy, WordSmith will let you sync Word files to more than one computer and even to different types (i.e., you could sync to Windows at work, Mac at home and Windows at a colleague's office). :-)

    You can download a free demo from and check it out.
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    Thanks, Bluenomad. Does Wordsmith also support Excel? If it does, them I'm so there!

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    Well, I downloaded Wordsmith today. So far, I like it alot! I've tried creating a new doc on the Visor and synced it to Word, and then synced a Word doc to my Visor! This is going to be great.

    Tomorrow I'll download it to my work computer, so I'll be good to go! I don't see me needing to use Excel very much. I'm hoping they'll incorporate it into a future release, though.

    If anyone has some good Wordsmith tips, please let me know.



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