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    On Monday, May 12, at 2.28 p.m. Beijing time (6:28 GMT), a major earthquake, measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale, jolted southwestern China's Sichuan Province. Several lower-scale earthquakes and aftershocks followed in the same area. The quake destroyed many buildings in the area, as well as infrastructure like communication towers.

    According to the latest reports, more than 12,000 people have died and many more have been injured or are missing. Many schools were destroyed, including one that had at least 900 students in it. As authorities reach more remote areas, these numbers are expected to rise.


    Any person who donates 15 dollars or more for the China earthquake can get a registration license of Treo Launcher.

    Please send the following info to, with subject: China Earthquake Donation

    1. Donation amount
    2. The organization you donate to
    3. Your Treo/Centro Hotsync name

    Thanks for your kindly attention!

    Please note: please don't send the money to me, please send the money to any organization (e.g. Red Cross) you trust.

    Thanks again!
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    How are you going to verify that they did donate? based on trust alone?
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    I thought this was a nice idea for encouraging donations to a worthy cause. Since I was looking at third-party launchers and considering purchasing TreoLauncher, I decided to take advantage of this offer. I made a donation before I went on a business trip to Beijing last week and e-mailed the requested information. I'm just waiting to get a response and registration code now.

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