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    I just got my treo flashed to pocket and the web/pic mail doesn't work.regular text messages go thru but it keeps saying: error0x7301)

    does anyone know what i can do to make it work?
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    What does "flashed to pocket" mean? I'm guessing you did a firmware update to something different?
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    i had my 700p switched from sprint pcs to a new carrier (pocket communications)its a local company here in san antonio,tx.i'm not sure why it doest work,i've been doing all the research that i can but so far...nothing.the phone i had before was a kyocera k342.Here is te address to pocket if it is any help.

    all help is greatly appreciated!
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    Looks like the picture mail is handled by email not MMS.
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    is there any way to switch it from email to mms?
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    Quote Originally Posted by handsome View Post
    is there any way to switch it from email to mms?
    Doesn't seem so. I got my information from their FAQ page here...
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    appreciate the help john.

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