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    I have a problem with my "new" Treo 650.
    First of all, I'm on Verizon and the software version is 1.05a.
    I send a receive a good amount of text messages. Usually eveything works okay. Occasionally though, I'll have a friend call me up and ask if I got his text message - I'll check and find nothing new for a while. Or I'll get home and my wife will ask if I got hers - and I'll be missing the ones shes talking about. Just seemingly out of the blue I'll stop receiving text messages. Sometimes if I turn off and then back on the phone I'll receive three or four messages all at once. Other times I just don't get the messages... they're seemingly gone forever.
    Has anyone else run into this? I started a support ticket with Verizon. The tech asked if I had the newest update (I did) and said if it keeps happening I might have to replace phone
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    Well, I can't say I have a lot of experience with this, but I just tried to use for the first time this morning and never got any text messages back. Kind of a disappointing first experience.
    From what they said when I called I should have gotten at least three texts. One to verify the phone since it was the first time I used the service, a second to verify they got my question and third to answer it. I got none of them . . . at least yet. It's been a few hours now.
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    i'm noticing the same problem with mine as well

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