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    I own a 700p and I purchased a Sierra bluetooth keyboard, which never seemed to work properly with the 700p. In fact, shortly after I purchased the keyboard the 700p was taken off the supported list. I have been looking into getting a different smartphone, and I've been looking at the Centro. I haven't been able to find any documentation on the "Think Outside" website to indicate whether or not the Centro is a compatable smartphone. I noticed the 755p is on the compatable list.

    Has anyone here been able to get the Sierra keyboard to work with a Centro? Or should I seriously look at the 755p?

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    It does work. I have the Think Outside Keyboard (Regular size, not the smaller one). I downloaded software and documentation from Think
    Outside's web site for the 755p and installed that on the Centro.

    It doesn't always connect securely, but I have always been able to get an unsecured connection between them. It misses maybe <5% of the letters I type. Overall, it works fairly well.
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    I have Centro and use the Think Outside Stowaway Universal Bluetooth, love it, works great, no more small keyboard. No problems (except for my bluetooth learning curve) in using it. Now I never carry laptop, mine is the 4 way fold, fits in purse, guy's pocket, threw my headphones in same zip up case and I'm good to go.

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