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    okay so my phone took a hit last week when i ran across an intersection and it popped out of my pocket and danced around in the street. at first i only noticed some scratches on the case, but later i realized the up button on the d-pad is sort of broken (it landed squarely on "up" at one point because the paint is chipped off). it's now a little loose and i can press it down so that it clicks once, then press a little harder and it clicks again, like the shutter button on a camera. unfortunately on the first click it registers as a left or right button press instead, and if i press harder it will actually go up. you can imagine this causes all sorts of problems since the d-pad is so commonly used.

    anyone else had a problem like this that was able to fix it. i was tempted to open the phone and see if i couldn't re-seat the button or otherwise fix it, but i know that it would void the warranty. i don't have insurance with sprint, but my phone is less than one year old so is there anything palm can do about it?
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