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    Simon - posted this in apps forum and was hoping for your response. The only suggestion back was to use the treo dial pad which would work except that I have no idea which numbers correspond to which groups of 3 letters (could guess but needless to say driving and playing hunt & peck ain't a lot of fun)

    Scenario - call a number, of course you don't have / know the person's extension. The called system lets you access their system directory asking you to spell the name (last or first or) of the person you want. So what # key to press for letter T (Treo) ?

    Guess this is a wish list thing for your short to do list ;-) How to handle within TAKEphONE i.e. push magic key and qwerty does the tone thing corresponding to pressing the letter represented by 0-9 on a wired phone. Heck even a pop up display mapping 3's to letters to tell you which # key = H would help (hmmm guess makes more sense for me to do such a reference text note unless you got some more of your great ideas)

    Thanks for listening and for a great program
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    Since you would have to go back into takephone from the dialer app, why not just go to the dial pad screen in takephone? The numbers and letters are then shown on the screen. Your other current option is to hit the dial pad button on the right side of the dialer screen and it shows you the numbers with letters (at least on the 700p).

    This request may be a little more appropriate for 2Dial than takephone since 2Dial deals with the dialer app and can be launched from the dialer app directly.
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    I was also going to suggest 2dial. You can set your own Profile, or actually use one of the profiles already set up in 2dial; it's called: "Keypad". While in a call, you press and hold "enter" to launch 2dial, and then just push whatever keys you want/need.

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    cavingjan ... sometimes the obvious gets overlooked. Never thought of looking at the screen keyboard in TAKEphONE - just did the deer in the headlights routine staring at the numbers on the keypad of the Treo <duh>
    Am now finishing another slice of humble pie Much thanks for idea !! and will take a look at 2Dial as well
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    Just pay me back next time I do the same deer impression.

    But definitely take a look at 2Dial. It may prove a little more useful than you think.

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