I'm one of those weird people who insists on using and editing documents on my palm. For years I've had a Sony Clie TG50 and have run Docstogo 5 on it. I'm having issues with the version bundled with the Centro. It says it's version 10 but it doesn't seem to allow me the same functionality that I was able to use on my old version 5, is that possible? For instance, on 5 if I clicked on a cell, down at the bottom there was a little arrow that I could click to show a full page display of the cell, now it only gives me about 3 more lines. Also, on 5 I could click on any cell and hold it down and it would allow me to free so I could scroll down a page and keep the headers on top AND in column A visible. In 10 I can't find any way to do that. Also full sheet sorting seems to be impossible. I've gone to the Dataviz site for help but I can't find anything more than an extended sales pitch on the features, is there a thread somewhere where people share tips on how to do standard excel functions on Sheets to Go somewhere? I could really use a tutorial.